As many of you know, here at His Way, we began the year, by engaging in a “REFOCUSING PROCESS” that could help lead our church, from being comfortable and turning inward for its own benefit, to becoming a missionally minded, and effectively serving our community.
A group of people called the “Mission Leadership Team” along with others from the congregation have attended four workshop seminars. They were entitled AWAKEN, ACTVATE, ASSESS and ADAVANCE. In these workshops we have learned about ourselves, our community, those in need within our community and how to reach them. Having concluded the last workshop, ADVANCE, we are now in the process of defining the initiatives that have revealed themselves through a strong group of interactive exercises. Those initiatives include but are not definitive in any manner, much work still needs to be done. This is where you come in. The MLT will be presenting these initiatives to you as a congregation member/attendee. The presentation in its simplicity will take a few minutes and what they will be looking for is your response to the proposed initiatives. What are those initiatives? They include: ministering (in our community) to the children, young adults, and families.  This not intended to be a long dialogue but could be and the MLT is prepared to answer your questions. We are actually wanting to see if these three initiatives (children, young adults, and families) resonate with your hearts as they did in the “Refocusing Process workshop.” Please allow yourself to respond to their questioning, their information and questions will help you to feel a part of what has been going on over this last 8 months and provide a snapshot of where we God may be leading us as an effective missionally minded church responding to the great commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.
So, be prepared if someone comes up to you and asks, “can I ask you a few questions about our church?” your responses are absolutely valuable to us and necessary for the completion of the “REFOCUSSING PROCESS.”
Bless you, Pastor Mike Valdez