As many of you know, our church has been experiencing a refocusing by using a “Missional Pathway” process that awakens and activates a church to become more engaged with the community God has placed it in. To date 46 people have participated and almost all have shared their awakening to the people who live outside our church building. On May 19th, we will continue this process with step three entitled “Assess.” With this training, you will discover what God’s heart is for our church in the Santa Clarita Valley, and how God has wired our congregation to uniquely serve the unchurched. Be assured this workshop will not be as successful without you! You are personally invited, whether you have been here 10 years or ten days, to spend the day with us! We need your personal input about our church, the history of our church, the goals, the effects of outward ministry and so much more. Plus, you do not need to have attended Awaken or Activate to participate. The cost is $20 and includes lunch. If you have children and need child care please contact our Children’s Director, Julie Tamez, at Sign-ups will be each Sunday at the information counter.  



We desire to be a church living on a mission:

  • Impact the local community with then lived-and-proclaimed good news of Jesus Christ, as a way of life. 

  • To bring Jesus to people who are far from his, but close to us. 

  • To show our members' how to be used by God in life-giving, biblically-consistent ways.

  • Become a church that is influential in the community because of the authenticity of our members.



The Purpose:

The purpose is to provide leadership development process for our leaders and a cultural change process for our congregation. To Assess and Advance our congregation into an effective community-impacting ministry that honors God, changes lives, and advances the Kingdom of God. 

Assess is an opportunity to consider the nature and quality of the relationship our church has had with the community over our history. We will evaluate the composition of the congregation and community so that we can illuminate who, among the unchurched, God has prepared our church to love and serve most effectively. 



Assess workshop:

Come and Join our workshop to experience all that God has for our community!


Saturday May 19th, 2018




His Way Church 23670 Wiley Canyon rd. Valencia CA, 91355