Taking action

The Activate workshop, preceded by Awaken, is a two-step process. Each step is integral to the transformative work of God to awaken and activate you to God's unique, specific call on your life.  In Awaken, our desire is to awaken courage in you . That courage expresses itself in your willingness to grasp a fresh vision for your life.  In the Activate workshop, we challenge you to take action in line with that fresh vision. 
The Activate workshop is the second of the four-part Missional Pathway designed to mobilize Christians and congregations to demonstrate the Good News of Christ in ways that bless the lives of those outside the Church, who are not far from us.
As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • Better recognize God’s unique shaping in your life, including life-impacting lessons and insights.

  • Help others understand God’s hand in their development.

  • Be infused with greater courage to live God’s calling in your surrounding environment.

  • Activate key activities and God-given assignments that help you live in your missional calling.  

  • To live out your personal calling in a powerfully clear and uncluttered way. 


  • The Jump

  • Integrating Community and Calling

  • The Step Grid

  • The One Thing

  • Action Zone

  • Support Call


Date & Time:     Saturday March 10th, 9AM - 4:30PM
Location:           His Way Church
Cost:                  $20
For more info:  Contact Pastor Mike Valdez at mike@ehisway.or
                                Julie Tamez at