Why Easter in the Park?

One of the radical teachings of the New Testament is the fact that God became man in the person of Jesus Christ…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  God came down to us, felt our sorrow, experienced our temptation, felt our lack.  When He came He didn’t set himself up in a lofty tower to be worshipped.  No.  He mingled amongst the people.  In Galilee, in Samaria, in Judea, in people’s homes, in the temple, out on the streets.  Before His death He commissioned his followers to “incarnate” as He did…Go into all the worldbe my witnesses in Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.
Why Easter in the Park?  It’s our attempt to ‘incarnate’ the message of Easter.  To go where a community of people live, play and interact.  To engage the lady walking her dog, the gentleman on a morning run, the family with kids playing in the park.  Doing what people do on a normal Sunday morning.  And just like Jesus, for those who are willing to hear, proclaim the Good News of His love, grace and forgiveness.

This year, do something different for Easter. Come celebrate in the park! His Way Church will be hosting a day of celebration, complete with Plenty of fun for kids, beautiful service and gorgeous setting. Make this an Easter YOU’ll remember!!



Richard Rioux Park, Stevenson Ranch 


Easter Sunday